5 Best Deals Heading Into the Weekend: iPads, Laptops, TVs, and More (2024)

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Some Fridays just hit differently than other ones, but the deals are always great. At the end of every week we take some time to scan through all of the sales, events and categories we've found price drops in and yank out five of the most attractive discounts out there. These are always cuts of over 25% off the retail price on hardware that we've put through our intensive review process. This week, we've got tablets from Apple and Amazon, a 4K TV to fit any budget, and more for your shopping pleasure.

5 Best Deals Heading Into the Weekend: iPads, Laptops, TVs, and More (1)

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

A bright, sharp tablet for gaming, media and more

$94.99 at Amazon
$139.99 Save $45.00

Amazon advertises their Fire HD 10 tablet as "built for relaxation," and that's a pretty apt description. It's not a powerhouse like a high-end iPad that will let you edit video or work on large graphics files, but for media streaming, Web surfing or mobile gaming it's a dependable piece of kit with some nice perks. Boasting a 1080p Full HD display powered by an octa-core processor that's 25% faster than the last generation, the Fire 10 In our review, we said that it "offers the best blend of performance, price, and size in the Fire lineup," and gave it an Editors' Choice award.

More Deals on Tablets

  • Apple iPad Air 11" M2 Chip 128GB Wi-Fi Tablet (2024 Release)for$569.99(List Price $599.00)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9" 64GB Wi-Fi Tabletfor$179.99(List Price $219.99)
  • Apple iPad 10.2" 64GB Wi-Fi Tablet (2021 Release)for$249.00(List Price $329.00)
  • Amazon Fire Max 11 64GB Wi-Fi Tablet (2023 Model)for$179.99(List Price $229.99)
  • Google Pixel 128GB 11" Tablet With Charging Speaker Dockfor$419.00(List Price $499.99)

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If you're anything like us, the number of devices hooked up to your home Wi-Fi network is getting ridiculous. In addition to the desktops, laptops and consoles, we've got smart speakers and TVs, security cameras, cell phones and more. Trying to pump all that traffic through a single router is a recipe for disaster. That's why mesh Wi-Fi is the wave of the future. This budget system comprises three nodes that intelligently balance the load for optimal throughput. In our review of the TP-Link Deco AX3000, we said the system was "a breeze to install and you can manage it with a user-friendly mobile app that comes with a lifetime subscription to TP-Link’s HomeCare parental controls and anti-malware tools."

More Deals on WiFi Mesh Systems

  • Eero Pro 6E Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System (3-Pack)for$409.99(List Price $549.99)
  • Asus ZenWiFi AX6600 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System (2-Pack)for$299.99(List Price $329.99)
  • TP-Link Deco X50-PoE Wi-Fi 6 Mesh PoE System (3-Pack)for$269.99(List Price $349.99)
  • TP-Link Deco XE75 Pro Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Mesh System (2-Pack)for$219.99(List Price $349.99)
  • Netgear Nighthawk MK93S Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System (3-Pack)for$449.99(List Price $549.99)

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5 Best Deals Heading Into the Weekend: iPads, Laptops, TVs, and More (3)

Lenovo Yoga 7i Laptop

Fun and flexible for $300 off

$599.99 at Best Buy
$899.99 Save $300.00

Convertible laptops combine a traditional keyboard and touchpad with a versatile touchscreen and a 360 degree hinge that let you use the portable in multiple configurations, from tablet to tent and more. Lenovo's Yoga 7i is a solid midrange unit with the nice build quality and hardware we expect from the company, and we gave it an Editors' Choice badge in our review, saying that it was "possibly perfect for a system that's usable in laptop mode but small enough to tote around as a tablet." This config comes with an Intel Core Ultra 5 125U processor, 16GB of memory, and a 512GB SSD.

More Deals on 2-in-1 Laptops

  • HP Pavilion x360 Intel i5 256GB SSD 15.6" 2-in-1 Laptopfor$449.99(List Price $799.99)
  • Lenovo Yoga 7 Ryzen 7 1TB SSD 16GB RAM 14" 2-in-1 Laptopfor$864.99(List Price $999.99)
  • HP Envy x360 Ryzen 7 512GB SSD 16GB RAM 14" 2-in-1 Laptopfor$799.99(List Price $1,049.99)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga Ryzen 7 Pro 256GB 13.3" 2-in-1 Laptopfor$658.72(List Price $2,009.00)
  • Samsung Galaxy Book4 360 Intel 7 512GB 15.6" 2-in-1 Laptopfor$1,049.99(List Price $1,349.99)

*Deals are selected by our commerce team

5 Best Deals Heading Into the Weekend: iPads, Laptops, TVs, and More (4)

Toshiba 50" C350 LED 4K Smart Fire TV

A budget-friendly Fire TV with surprising sharpness

$229.99 at Amazon
$319.99 Save $90.00

4K can totally transform the way you watch your favorite shows and movies. Bumping the resolution up to the next level makes details pop, facial expressions sing and action scenes crush. It doesn't cost a mint to upgrade your home theater system, especially with this nice discount on a fifty-inch Toshiba with Amazon's Fire TV system. We reviewed this unit and said that it "looks surprisingly stylish for an inexpensive TV," praising its low input lag for gamers and solid color gamut. This is a good discount that brings it down to budget levels.

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More Deals on Televisions

  • 50" Vizio MQX-Series 4K HDR10+ 120Hz QLED Smart TVfor$494.99(List Price $629.99)
  • 55" Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series 4K Smart TVfor$429.99(List Price $599.99)
  • 65" LG OLED Evo C3 Series 4K Smart TV (2023 Model)for$1,596.99(List Price $1,999.99)
  • 55" Samsung Q80C 4K Quantum QLED Smart TV (2023 Model)for$759.00(List Price $1,197.99)
  • 75" Samsung QN90C Series 4K Neo QLED Smart TVfor$1,997.99(List Price $2,997.99)

*Deals are selected by our commerce team

5 Best Deals Heading Into the Weekend: iPads, Laptops, TVs, and More (8)

10.9-Inch iPad Air (5th Generation)

A powerhouse tablet for creativity at a nice deep discount

$399.99 at Best Buy
$599.99 Save $200.00

Yes, there's a new iPad Air on the market and it's quite good, but smart money is always on buying Apple hardware a few years after it drops. With consistent software support, these devices have long lifespans, and the 5th generation iPad Air remains one of the absolute best tablets on the market. In our review, we bestowed an Editors' Choice award and said that "if you're looking for a do-it-all tablet with top-notch accessories, the 2022 iPad Air is the best choice in Apple's tablet lineup." Powered by the capable M1 processor, this configuration comes with 64GB of onboard storage.

Need even more summer savings? Give a gander at all the sales and steals on our deals page.

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5 Best Deals Heading Into the Weekend: iPads, Laptops, TVs, and More (2024)


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