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About BringFido

What is BringFido? BringFido is a mobile app that provides pet owners with information on pet-friendly hotels, attractions, and restaurants worldwide. It allows users to find and book pet-friendly hotels at the lowest prices available, filter results to find hotels that welcome big dogs and multiple pets, and browse hotels that don't charge a pet fee. The app also provides information on nearby attractions, upcoming dog events, and local resources such as dog walkers, groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and pet supply stores. Users can share photos of their dogs enjoying their favorite spots and leave reviews of their favorite pet-friendly attractions.


- Find and book pet-friendly hotels at the lowest prices available

- Search hotels near you and sort by distance, popularity, rating, price, or see recommended places first

- Use filters to find hotels that welcome big dogs and multiple pets

- Browse hotels that don't charge a pet fee

- Get instant confirmation of your reservation booking

- Find nearby attractions, upcoming dog events, and local resources such as dog walkers, groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and pet supply stores

- Share photos of your dog enjoying his favorite spot

- Share pics with your dog-loving friends on Facebook and Twitter

- Leave reviews of your favorite pet-friendly attractions

- Contact the Canine Concierge team for help and feedback.

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Key Benefits of BringFido

- Wide selection of hotels with a range of prices

- Personal attention to detail and customer service

- Helpful in finding pet-friendly hotels

21 BringFido Reviews

4.9 out of 5

By Fuego Slingerland

Traveling Pet Owners MUST HAVE

You know how (old) people reminisce about how good customer service used to be? This company exemplifies that sort of attentiveness and thoughtfulness. First off, their network of hotels is substantial, with a wide price range from which to choose. But beyond the robust selection, their personal attention to detail is remarkable. I have one dog and two cats. One evening, I made a reservation at a hotel through BringFido . Upon waking the very next morning, I noticed I had a voicemail from a gentleman from Bring Fido alerting me that the hotel I had reserved with has a 2-pet limit, a detail I had missed. He had already found an alternative hotel in the same area. When I returned his call, he informed me that he had called the hotel with the 2-pet limit to see if they would make an exception. I have spoken with at least 3 people from Bring Fido, and each of them have been friendly, helpful, and unabashed in their love for our furry friends. This is a company with heart who go the extra mile.

By Nikkizfein

Super Helpful Team, App Easy to Navigate

Just booked through BringFido for the first time for a cross country road trip. Through no fault but my own, I accidentally booked the same hotel twice on different days. I was concerned because it clearly stated “no refund” during the booking process. I called the help team and was greeted with a kind representative who patiently listened to my situation and made arrangements for another team member to call the hotel and see what they could do to help. I got a confirmation by email a few hours after that they had cancelled the incorrect reservation. I was very impressed with the customer service and willingness to negotiate with the hotel on my behalf.

BringFido itself is also easy to navigate. It has filters based on size of pet, pet fees, location, amount per night, etc. It does this for hotels, activities, and restaurants. Overall a very helpful app- at least in the US as far as I can tell. I’d definitely recommend BringFido to family and friends with pets!

By Nonny160

Kudos to Bring Fido!

We are driving across the USA from Phoenix to NYC with our Chihuahua. We were using Expedia and Booking to find hotels and restaurants that welcome pets traveling with people, but both sites were unreliable when applying the filter for pets. So I tried Bring Fido. It’s great! Hotels have been perfect so far. Restaurants still need work—maybe just more traveler reviews that confirm that restaurants are pet friendly or not really. When that gets worked out, Bring Fido will get 5 stars from us.
One note: “Pet Friendly” restaurants in AZ, OK and NM have stated to us and to our friends in NM that they now take only “Service Dogs.” When asked, “since when?” they say, “This year.” Since you can buy Service Dog vests and more online, without proving your pet performs any service, this is a strange new phenomenon, intended to exclude pets from patios formerly accessible to them. So beware. Or buy a Service Dog vest for travel. Apparently it is illegal to ask you what service your dog performs, making the restriction even sillier.

By alyssa_marie07

Best thing to use for evacuation!

We were looking to evacuate from hurricane Ida to be safe, even though she wound up not coming our way, and Lake Charlie Pitbull Rescue made a Facebook post about using BringFido if “you’re evacuating with pets”. I have 2 big dogs and 1 small and knew I needed somewhere pet friendly. Made reservations in Houston through BringFido due to recommendations. We got to the hotel, they could not find my reservation in their system. It took 1 outgoing call to this company for me to get things taken care of. I spoke to a lady named Jessica, explained what happened and she promptly got to working with me and helped out tremendously!! I wound up get 3 phone calls from these people to make sure I was taken care of and was notified that I was getting a full refund from my original reservation! Thank you so much! Despite the hiccup, I will be using BringFido again in the future!♥️

By Jenny S in VA

Great hotel for dogs

This is the first time we have taken Buster to the beach so we wanted somewhere close to be able to put him in the room if he needed a break from the heat and sun. The room was great because there is no carpet and he enjoyed both the bed and the floor. The windows were low to the ground so it was easy for him to see what was going on. There were so many dogs there but you would never know it as it was clean and only 2x did we hear a dog bark from a room but it was literally for 10 seconds or less. He loved sitting on the downstairs patio at night with us just people watching folks returning from dinner. It was a great experience and we are planning a return trip this fall. They don’t have a designated pet area outside but there is a narrow strip of grass that encompasses the parking lot that works. We really felt welcome with him at the hotel.

By JackieLeePickard

Perfect for road trips!

My wife and I decided to modify our honeymoon 2020 style, and turn it into a socially distanced road trip with our Husky. I discovered Bring Fido the day before we left, and it made the entire trip so much easier and more fun. All the information was correct and we just kept having positive experience after positive experience with our girl, thanks to the Fido recommendations. From breweries, to restaurants, to hotels, even to tourist spots, we got to spend eight days with our dog, without once being made to feel like she was a burden. I even made a bonehead move when I was reserving a hotel room through BringFido , accidentally booked for the wrong day, and the customer service number handled it for me and literally got the problem solved in under five minutes. Can’t recommend Bring Fido enough. Thanks again!

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By StefJo TK

LOVE this App!

When we decided last minute to take a trip down South to enjoy warmer Temps with our pup, I started to panic unsure if we would be able to find pet friendly restaurants, places to stretch our legs and more importantly lodging. So I began searching and found the this app website and app, what a godsend!! Took the stress out of the trip and made it completely enjoyable! Now I plan to use it at home too and for next year's great adventure!! Two negative things, 1) I couldn't figure out how to Save the places that I wanted to check out, so I had to go to the website and login to do was a little awkward, not horrible just a minor work around; 2) a map feature where favorites could be viewed would be super helpful for long trips...if these features could be added, BringFido would be perfect!!

By Mama SharonO

First Time at Larry’s

While traveling through Green Cove Springs, we stopped for lunch at Larry’s Giant Subs after finding them on the Bring Fido app. We had never been here before and we found friendly service and delicious subs! I got the Chicago’s Own Italian Beef which is like a French dip but spicy. Hubby had the Destroyer Italian Sub which is ham, prosciuttini, Genoa salami, cooked salami and provolone cheese. They only have Pepsi fountain drinks and I am a Diet co*ke girl but that was available in canned soda form. Beer is also available. Although the shopping center in which Larry’s is located is 50% vacant, the parking and common area was neat and clean. We had brought our black lab with us so we ate outside at one of the 3 tables available. They also gave us water for her. I would definitely recommend Larry’s. And we will stop here again if we are ever back in Green Cove Springs.

By I heart the 80s

Very Nice Stay

I have worked in the service industry for more then forty years from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and on to Coos Bay Oregon. I was looked after as if all the years of friendly and sincere service has returned to me. They will take good care of you and your pet. I needed very special care on my first stay. When I say special care, every person had a roll in my stay! My pet required attention and they never dropped the ball. I can never thank everyone enough!! When you stay there and need a soda or a snack late at night say hi to John. Thank you Bonnie and all of the friendly ladies that loved my pet Bob. If there is a way Bonnie will find it. Do your self a big favor plan now!!! There are many dog friendly locations nearby. Some are very beautiful, stay here.

By Auggie Doggie's Mama

Great Resource

Bring Fido has never disappointed. Their recommendations (dog bone rating) and detailed information on accommodations (such no pet fee, cost of the pet fee, maximum weight & # of dogs, and large dogs accepted) and restaurants are very accurate not to mention extremely helpful when making decisions when traveling with our large active dog. I find the actual reviews from pet owners to be quite useful. Things such as “great beach front hotel but dogs are not allowed on the beach”, “dogs welcome for outside seating only” or “dog items on the menu” are just some examples. We have been so pleased with Bring Fido that we find ourselves using it locally when home too for activities, restaurants, & outdoor spaces like parks and trails. Thanks Bring Fido!

By DesertDoc76

I wish I found this app sooner!!

I came across BringFido when I was looking for a pet-friendly restaurant while visiting family in Savannah, GA. I’m seriously thrilled that there’s finally an app for people who love to travel with their pets. It has been difficult finding places to stay and restaurants to visit that allow my family to bring our beloved fur babies with us to enjoy our vacations. BringFido will allow our pups to come with us without having to find someone to take care of them while we’re gone. I’m so thankful for the creator of this website and app for their hard work to help families like mine to enjoy valuable time with our pets! Lilo, Lola, and Tucker (our fur babies) are also very thankful!

By The Real Angry D

Great customer service and extremely useful!

1. The service itself is indispensable if you are going on a road trip with pets. I was able to plan all my hotels in advance days before we left, taking the anxiety of finding a place to sleep out of the trip.

2. The default date in BringFido is the current date. I didn’t realize this and accidentally made a reservation for the wrong dates. Naturally, that hotel had a no refunds policy, but I called this app customer service and Jessica called the hotel and got the refund squared away for me within ten minutes.

If you have pets and you plan to travel, BringFido is one of the most important things you can have with you.

By Gimme Juice

Horrible experience

Booked a reservation at one of the hotels on the list and was horribly surprised when We arrived. The hotel was run down with drug use happening right outside of the office as well as in the parking lot. I finally got someone to call a manager who was hanging out in one of the rooms. The manager came to the office (smelling of alcohol)and told us that his computer was down and he was unable to accept any new reservations. I had already booked my reservation through BringFido . Even worse, I contacted Bring Fido directly in an attempt to get a refund. I have been working with them for the past two weeks to get this refund processed. It’s been a horrible experience. They don’t vett the hotels enough and the customer service is slow and non responsive. This is unfortunate because I really liked the idea of having one app where I can find pet friendly hotels. Don’t waste your money. Do the research on your own.

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By caslev

Pet friendly hotels made easy!

I used BringFido today to find a room where we can bring our senior Pomeranian. After planning a last minute trip and using multiple sites, I realized you could actually book and compare prices of rooms through BringFido . It tells you the pet fee upfront unlike every booking site I have tried. I did have to call the number to ensure it was a pet friendly room when making the reservation but the customer service guy was amazing. He would literally call every hotel I was considering trying to find a room with a view out of the options I had pulled up on my phone. Absolutely fantastic. I’m now obsessed with BringFido and highly recommend it.

By McKenna's iTunes

Great do it yourself

I really like BringFido but please be aware, it does not review or preview the facilities. The information on the motels are straight out of the motel description. We found that dog friendly only means they accept dogs ( or cats). I spoke with a wonderful Bring Fido rep and she helped me find a hotel but when I asked about what the facilities were like she said they don’t have that information and prompted me to check them out myself, to google map the motel and see what the grounds and surrounding area looked like. Perhaps to call the motel and get any questions I had answered from them. With this in mind BringFido and its reps are indeed wonderful! Sure made finding the motels easy! Reservations were very easy.

By A favorite website

This is an awesome company

We used bring Fido for the second time in 2021. What an awesome experience. BringFido is easy to use. The hotels were as represented in terms of their respective ratings and offerings. Earlier this week, the hotel we booked did not have a room for us as they had overbooked. They got us in one of their sister hotels and everything worked out fine. I spoke with the pet concierge at Bring Fido who was outstanding and so very helpful. Prior to speaking with the concierge, I had emailed the company and received a prompt reply.
I am so pleased with Bring Fido and look forward to booking through them again. Great company with wonderful staff. Thank you.

By PSR in AZ

Unacceptable property

We recently used Bring Fido for our travel needs. In past, we’ve had great luck with them. No reason not to trust them now.
However, after making a hotel reservation we arrived at the property. Double checking the address and info, there is NO WAY the property we were at was the same one listed on site. The place was at best frightening. Homeless people all over entrance to property, no door on office, only a walk up window and the housekeeping cart in the middle of the parking lot. Calling Bring Fido to help was a lesson in futility. We were on hold for 15 mins and never connected.
We drove the neighborhood and found a more trusted property, called their direct site and booked a new room.
No refunds issued by either party, Bring Fido or the hotel..we were now out money for 2 rooms for 1 night.
Buyer beware….be prepared to lose twice the money you paid for the room…

By kaninekidzmom

Awesome App!!

My husband and I are traveling cross-country with our two German Shepherds, and The trip has been fun and virtually painless, thanks to this easy-to-navigate app. Thanks to Bring Fido, our dogs have been staying in comfortable motels where they are truly welcome, getting their excess energy spent by running around great dog parks (fun place for we humans to meet and greet), swimming in rivers and wading in creeks, and joining us at some very nice breweries. When I had one minor problem, customer service folks were prompt, friendly and took care of the issue. I highly recommend BringFido to anyone who likes to take their canine friend(s) — or other pet(s) on the road.

By Frank435677

We love the idea behind the app

What a great app! We travel for a living with our two year old “Yorkie” and use “this app” everywhere we go to find restaurants , pet friendly hotels and dog parks. Two things that would make BringFido better would be if they added stores that were pet friendly like Lowe’s and Home Depot for example where both welcome leashed Pets as well as if administrators would verify if locations were truly pet friendly before adding them to the list. We tried to go to a restaurant in El Paso that was listed as pret friendly but really wasn’t. Other than that I love BringFido!

By Neoreef

No option for stores and other businesses

This could be a great “know before you go” app, but for things like hotels, your really going to look before you book on Expedia. And dog parks, they are all listed on your local park and rec site.

Other than restaurants and dog ‘services’, BringFido really is missing a large portion of what I’d use it for day to day.

It would be really useful to have a category for stores and other businesses, and their policies on dogs. There are the more well known ones like Home Depot... but how about Target, or my local furniture store, or my bank. A lot of them ‘are okay’ with your dog, but you never really know their policy unless you ask. That feels kind of awkward, so, like ‘is this okay’... and instead you error on the side of caution, and leave Fido at home.

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By cypchic

Very useful app!

Very happy with BringFido! Used it over a long road trip with two bigger dogs. Extremely helpful to find good motels for us and pups! Also used it to find dog parks. Although it is not totally comprehensive BringFido gives lots of info and plenty of options for accommodations and activities (parks). Have not used it for services etc. I even booked motels directly through BringFido and it was easy. Called their support number once to confirm dog-friendly rooms were available - they were also very friendly and helpful. A must-have app for traveling with dogs! 🐶

By Luna's Travels

Rescue Pup Goes On Vacation

Our newest dog, Luna, is a rescue from the streets of Manhattan, literally. She’s had SO many “firsts” this year! this app has been so very helpful in finding hotels, dining, and activities that allow me to keep her with us. Luna just completed her 2nd vacation in 2 months. The hotels we stayed at were great. We brought her to this app recommended restaurants and activities. We even found doggie parks for her ....because a pup’s gotta run around and play! We already made reservations for our next adventure because it turned out that Luna likes to travel!

By Brian 79

This app and service is really great!

We used this app for a holiday car trip with our two small digs—a Frenchie and a mutt. We needed pet-friendly lodging in 4 cities; BringFido was superb in quickly finding options and then making the reservation. Their communications were also great—one hotel no longer had a certain type of room, and this app found that out immediately during their reservation confirmation and notified us right away. BringFido is so helpful for me that I’ve moved it to my home screen! Very good app and service!

By Rosie_and_Lucy

Really Good

Traveling from the Oregon coast to Boise. Food was great. Fries got good reviews from my family. Those who got burgers said they were tasty. My salmon was perfectly done—not too dry but not undercooked. And of course, like everyone else on Yelp, we thought the Lobster Mac n Cheese was super yummy. We sat outside with other dog owners. The only reason we didn’t go for five stars is that we are kind of snotty foodies and we had to sit close to a semi busy street. But as far as dog friendly places go, this is a nice break from drive ins. Service was fast and professional. We are not beer drinkers, but they seem to have lots of options if you are.

By Valquez

Makes traveling with a pet soooo easy!!!

Over the past 20 years, I have done all possible to bring my dog along for any personal or business travel. (I even purchased a small RV to make this easier.) Hotel sites are a nightmare to navigate when looking for pet friendly hotels and any related pet fees/rules/restrictions. Google search results are often inaccurate and require too much time to sort through. Bring Fido is a great app with all the information I need to quickly retrieve complete information. Thanks!!!

By Paula5640


I recently downloaded BringFido while in FL, in an unfamiliar area, on vacation. We thought we’d be able to take our dog on the beach after 5pm like is allowed in NC beaches. Nope... $150 fine was posted at beach access. BringFido directed us to Honeymoon Island and Dunedin Causeway which was about 30 min from where we were staying.
It was amazing!! Lots of different areas to play in the water... in the surf and still water too. My fur baby had the best time ever and the area was spacious and beautiful for my husband and I as well. Thank you so much!!

By DoReLookatMi

Great Dog Park

We are traveling through the area with our travel trailer and 2 young Australian Shepherds. We had an awesome time with our pups at this well-shaded, large, fenced-in dog park. The local dogs and owners we met were kind and welcoming. It was bath day for our pups, so we didn’t mind them getting wet and muddy, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re wanting to keep your furbabies clean. We will definitely stop in again if in the area. There is a dog wash area near the parking lot, but we chose a local self-serve dog wash business instead.

Disappointed 2 years ago

DO NOT use BringFido to make hotel reservations!! Save yourself the hassle and book directly with the hotel. We almost had our vacation ruined because of BringFido. Basically, they advertise themselves as being able to book you pet-friendly hotel rooms, but they cannot. They can take the reservation and your money, but if the hotel doesn't actually have pet friendly rooms available, your reservation will get suddenly canceled right before your trip. Ask me how I know.Bottom line is if you want to ensure you will actually have a place to stay and won't have your vacation ruined, ONLY book directly with the hotel. Do not go through BringFido. Their customer service was also basically like "Sorry, not sorry." Really bad experience. We happened to get lucky because there was one room available due to a cancellation at the place where we wanted to stay. It's not the same type of room we reserved, but will work for salvaging our vacation.

Is BringFido Safe?

Yes. BringFido is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 35,299 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BringFido Is 36.1/100.

Is BringFido Legit?

Yes. BringFido is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 35,299 BringFido User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BringFido Is 100/100..

Is BringFido not working?

BringFido works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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