Cartoon Ask/Prompt Box Fic - Anonymous (2024)

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HerobrineBrain asked for:

Fandom: Scooby-Doo!

Characters: Shaggy/Velma

Kinks: Van Sex, Stuckage

(Optional) Positions: From Behind

Question: "Velma, that's the third time you've gotten stuck between the front and passenger seat. Isn't it time to admit you're addicted to the Shaggster's big dick?

Stuck between the front two seats of the Mystery Machine, Velma blushed, her large ass stuck between the two close seats. “I have no idea what y-AA JINKIES!”

Her dark red panties were pulled to the side, 11 inches of Shaggy Sausage entering her lower lips. Her puss* squirting a little every time he pushed at her womb and rocked her world. Much like the first, and the second time they had done it.

The van they were in was shaking, and as Fred, Daphne, and Scooby all exited from the gas station where they were getting information to help them with a mystery on their hands, a loud, “JINKIES! FASTER SHAGGY!” had them quickly turning around and walking the other direction.

Daphne even was biting her lips. Was Shaggy really that good? He certainly was making a very compelling and convincing case with Velma. The idea of creeping into his room while at the motel they were in was starting to get really tempting.

Meanwhile, in the creaking and shaking Mystery Machine, Velma’s freckled ass was fully exposed, with her panties moved to the other side of her cheeks to give Shaggy a full view of her pillowy ass.

“Like, zoinks! I’mma bust!” Shaggy warned Velma, something he had decided was for the best after the first warning he got from her about not wanting to stop solving mysteries due to an accidental pregnancy, though never did she say unwanted.

“I-Inside, Shaggy! Inside! It’s safe, so fill my womb!” she cried, already having been pushed out and between the front two seats of the Mystery Machine, Shaggy being the only thing keeping her anywhere near the space.

“R-Right! I’m cumming!” Shaggy moaned as loads and loads of his seed flooded Velma’s inside. Leaving the smart nerdy girl a little lost for words and breath for a few minutes as she tried to recover.

Tried being the keyword here, as she was quickly filled back up with Shaggy, wrecking her puss* again.

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Characters: Aang/Toph

Kinks: Footjob + blowj*b Combo

Question: "Toph. How can you manage to not only give Aang a footjob, but also suck his co*ck at the same time?"

“Huh? I mean, I’m blind, but I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious,” Toph said, her feet wrapped around Aang, hidden together inside her stone tent. “I mean, look at him, I barely even need to bend to suck him!”

It was true, Toph, who’s rough feet wrapped around Aang’s 18 inch co*ck, was throbbing between her feet, his large balls just under her feet. Toph’s small hands wrapped around his thicc co*ck, barely able to meet together, still leaving a good amount of his co*ck still exposed.

Aang and Toph’s clothes were neatly folded on a small table at the side Toph made, their outfits completely out of range.

Licking her lips, “Well, Twinkle Toes, ready?” Toph teased as she leaned forward, rubbing Aang’s magnum dong with both her hands and feet with plenty of room left.

“T-toph, please… don’t tease me…” Aang blushed, grunting as he felt the base of his co*ck being being rubbed by Toph’s dirty yet somehow soft feet, her tight but gentle little hands, and soon, with a smug look, Toph’s small mouth opened.

Slowly descending, opening as wide as she could and going down his co*ck. She waited a little bit, her tongue swirling his co*ck head before sinking a little deeper. Her throat bulged as she went down. Humming as she got a taste of his co*ck. Her throat’s vibration caused him to grunt.

A relationship that Toph had started when she agreed to become his Earth Bender teacher, so long as she got a taste of his massive co*ck. Rumors about Air Benders being quite hung had seemed to be a true story.

“T-Toph! I’m going to cum!” Aang cried as he grabbed Toph by her black hair and shoved her about half way down his co*ck, her throat bulging, almost suffocating her, his eyes and arrows beginning to glow as his head flew back.

While he blasted jets of cum into Toph, the girl wanted to giggle, Aang was filling her gut again. And whenever he was feeling really pent up, he’d temporarily enter the Avatar state, and then flood her stomach.

Flooding it so much her stomach began to bulge.

By the time Aang finished cumming, his co*ck began to become flaccid again. His cum decorating Toph’s tongue, and even painting her small tit* and bloated belly. Once he finally let go, the girl fell onto her back, her hands resting on her stomach.


Aang looked a little startled but not surprised by a loud belch escaping from Toph, her hands slowly raising to rub her cum covered chest.

“G-Good work, Twinkle Toes…” Toph said, chuckling. “You earned yourself another day of teaching.”

Fandom: Disney Animated Universe/Big Hero 6

Characters: Hiro Hamada/Honey Lemon

Question: "Uh, Honey, can you stop f*cking your face on Hiro's manmeat long enough to explain why he's not doing this with Gogo? And uh, can we watch him cum all over your glasses, pleasepleaseplease?

“Why~~~?” Honey moaned as she took her lipstick covered lips off Hiro’s massive dick, holding up to her eyes, having the giant 12 inch phallic covered in pink lipstick and slobber. “Gogo got him last time, it’s my turn!”

Inside Tadashi’s old lab, now commandeered by Hiro, Honey Lemon was naked, her clothes, minus her baby blue thong, tossed half haphazardly onto the floor, while she dropped Hiro’s shorts and boxers onto the floor.

Her tongue licking Hiro like a lollipop before giving it a kiss and sucking it like an ice pop.

“And as for the other request?” Honey giggled, as she pumped the little Hiro’s co*ck much faster. Her other hand’s fingers submerged into her c*nt, furiously pumping into her.

Her mouth going as deep as she could, kissing his pelvis and leaving a small mark onto the base from her lipstick.

Hiro’s co*ck was throbbing, still massive but going a little bigger, and if Honey’s mouth wasn’t full, she’d smirk.

Quickly throwing herself off Hiro’s massive co*ck, she wrapped her left hand onto his dick and began pumping furiously, and then suddenly.

“H-Honey!” Hiro moaned, thick ropes of co*ck milk spraying onto her face, glazing her, and her glasses.

Giggling, taking her glasses off, “You really need to warn me sooner, Hiro. Be happy that I knew you’d be cumming,” she said, her tongue exiting her mouth and licked her glasses clean.

Fandom: Disney Animated Universe/Tangled

Characters: Flynn/Rapunzel

Question: "So, Rapunzel, gotta ask. What's better? Flynn using your hair to strangle you on his co*ck as he fills your tummy with yummy cummies or pulling your hair as he f*cks that perfect ass of yours?

“Um… I think she’s a little preoccupied, but I think if she could talk, she’d probably say… both?” he said, both lovers completely naked, Rapunzel’s long golden hair wrapped around her throat and around Flynn’s fists, holding it tight which kept her suspended up, while her throat was being pushed further into her already tight hold, all while Flynn’s co*ck was buried right into her little ass.

All 10, thick, inches right into her ass.

His hips slammed into her ass, her dripping puss* being slapped by his balls. Their bed sheets had a wet line that seemed to have come from her. Another squirt escaped from her as she came again.


“Hmm?” Flynn hummed, looking down and going to her, letting her hair untighten a little so he could hear her. “Yes, dear?”

“H…” Rapunzel said, looking at her, trying to hear her, Flynn was trying to hear what she said.

“You gotta speak up,” Flynn said, a little concerned for her, worrying he hurt her.

“Harder!” Rapunzel cried. “Please! Choke me, f*ck me, just harder!” Rapunzel cried. Flynn was almost convinced she saw the princess have hearts in her eyes. Begging him to f*ck her ass harder though?

He could do that.

“Ah~” Rapunzel moaned as the grip around her throat tightened again, but also got tighter than before and her head began to feel fuzzy again as Flynn’s big balls began slamming into her puss*, her ass being brutally f*cked again and again and again.

A dopey smile on her face, gritting her teeth, her eyes finding the back of her head and cries of joy echoing the room.

“sh*t! Rapunzel! I’m gonna cum again!” Flynn moaned as he began to speed up, Rapunzel moaning and choked out squeals of joy.

“AHHHHHH!” Rapunzel cried as hot cum flooded her ass. Shooting into her intestines and her stomach. Filling her up with his cummies and making her stomach bulge a little with his cum.

A/N: if you want more Q&A chapters, send a few questions in at once so I can place them all in as one chapter as these tend to be a little smaller snippets.

Cartoon Ask/Prompt Box Fic - Anonymous (2024)


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