Is Escape from Tarkov Free? Which Version Should You Get? (2024)

Are you a fan of first-person shooter games? Want to challenge yourself with intense and realistic battles? Then Escape from Tarkov could be the perfect game for you. This thrilling FPS title offers incredible levels of realism, where every bullet counts, and managing resources is key to your success in battle. But before you can dive into this awesome game, there’s one burning question: is Escape from Tarkov free, or do you have to pay for it? Read on as we answer all your questions about how to play Escape from Tarkov!

What is Escape from Tarkov?

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting gaming experience, Escape from Tarkov is the perfect choice! Developed by Battlestate Games, it’s a hardcore multiplayer first-person shooter set in Tarkov City. At this time, the game is very feature complete and a fun experience, yet it is still technically a Beta version.

The Escape from Tarkov game offers an immersive virtual world filled with intense gunplay and realistic adversarial opponents. Perfect for diehard gamers who relish in tension as they battle it out against others’ wits and skills.

Even the smallest mistakes can be costly in this game, creating a very dynamic playing field where survival is of the utmost importance. Stake your claim in the war-torn Tarkov City – chock full of secrets and enemies that never give up without a fight!

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Is Escape from Tarkov Free, or Do You Have to Pay for It?

Unfortunately, Escape from Tarkov is not a free-to-play game. Therefore, you’ll have to invest in it if you want to dive into this realistic and intense gaming experience. At this time, there also does not seem to be any indication from its developers that they plan to make Escape from Tarkov free.

That being said, this is a truly terrific game and is well worth your purchase. So, we’ve compiled the best ways for new players to get started with and download Escape from Tarkov.

There are Four Different Editions of Escape from Tarkov

Are you ready to join the fight? You can explore your options with four unique editions of the game tailored to fit your budget. The price starts from the relatively inexpensive Standard Edition at $44.99 all the way up to the Edge of Darkness edition at $139.99.

In the next few sections, we’ll briefly touch on the differences between these different pre-order beta editions to help you decide which version of Escape from Tarkov is worth purchasing. To make a purchase or hear directly from the publisher on the comparison between the versions, check out this link from the game’s official site.

The Standard Edition of Escape from Tarkov is Not Free

This is the cheapest beta version of Escape from Tarkov. While you may have come to this article wondering Is Escape from Tarkov free, this is going to be the closest you can get.

The basic version of Escape from Tarkov starts at $44.99. This is definitely a disappointment for those looking for an Escape from Tarkov free edition. At this time, Battlestate Games has not released any information on whether or not there will ever be an Escape from Tarkov free edition.

This is probably the best entry point for anyone not really sure if they want to commit wholly to Escape from Tarkov. It allows you the same in-game access as all higher editions, so you can play and enjoy the same overall Tarkov experience.

Yet, it does not have much of the added loot or other features that would make your time in-game easier.

The standard edition of Escape from Tarkov includes:

  • Guaranteed instant access to the closed beta (yes, Tarkov is actually still in Beta)
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • A basic stash (10×28 cells)
  • A few pieces of bonus equipment to start with. This includes things like some basic weapons, ammo, food, medical supplies, etc. There’s nothing special, but it’s what’s needed to get the job done.

Left Behind Edition

The next best tier of Escape from Tarkov will cost you a bit more money. However, it’s the right choice if you want a faster start to the game. Namely, it comes with a large set of critical resources and loot that will jump-start your progress. It also comes with a greater stash size, so your character will be able to haul and hold more loot.

The Left Behind Edition comes with these features:

  • Everything in the Standard edition
  • A larger stash (10×38 cells)
  • More useful resources and equipment

Prepare for Escape Edition

The Prepare for Escape Edition really helps you jump-start your open-world adventure by providing you with good standing for all in-game traders. Moreover, it comes with even more useful equipment and resources as well as an ever greater stash size. This Escape from Tarkov bundle is far from free and will cost you $99.99.

Namely, this Escape from Tarkov game edition includes:

  • Everything in the Left Behind Edition
  • A larger stash (10×48 cells)
  • Even more useful resources and equipment
  • Initially good standing with all in-game traders

However, if you are already in for this much, you clearly want to make the most of playing Escape from Tarkov. In that case, dropping only a little bit more will get you access to Battlestate Games’ ultimate package: Edge of Darkness Limited Edition.

Edge of Darkness Limited Edition of Escape from Tarkov

This is the most feature-rich and complete Escape from Tarkov experience you can download. It is far from If you want to dive in quickly, have easy access to great weaponry and equipment, and be able to experience all future updates, this is the right way to get started with Escape from Tarkov.

The ultimate version of Escape from Tarkov is far from cheap or free. It will set you back $139.99. That being said, it is very feature-rich, with the following included:

  • Everything in the Prepare for Escape Edition
  • A larger stash (10×68 cells)
  • Tons of great resources and equipment
  • A Unique In-Game ID
  • Free Access to All Subsequent DLCs (Season Pass)

Unique In-Game ID

One thing that this package offers is a unique in-game ID. This is kind of a cool bonus for those who want to make their mark on the game. If you plan to be infamous, this is the best way to get started, even though it will cost the most money and is far from free Escape from Tarkov.

Free Access to all Subsequent DLCs (i.e. Season Pass)

This is the main reason why you’d opt for the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition package and pay $139.99 instead of looking for a free or cheap version of Escape from Tarkov. If you know that you will be a lifetime fan of the game (maybe you’ve seen online play or your friends can’t stop talking about it), then you may even be able to save some money with this package in the long term.

Final Thoughts on Escape from Tarkov Being Free and Which Version to Buy

Escape from Tarkov from Battlestate Games is unfortunately not free to play. There are 4 different paid, pre-order versions of the game that you will be able to choose from. The price of Escape from Tarkov ranges from $44.99 to $139.99. If you want to just get started playing the game, your best bet is to get the cheapest, Standard edition.

Yet, if you want the most complete and exciting experience for one of the hottest games out there from the start, you should opt for the Edge of Darkness package. It may even save you money long-term with its unlimited DLC from Battlestate Games included.

Whatever edition you choose to purchase and download, or if you choose to hold off because Escape from Tarkov isn’t free, we hope this brief summary of your possibilities has helped you make a decision on what to play next.

A Good Alternative for Those Who Want a New Free-to-Play Game

Yet, if you only came here because you were wondering is Escape from Tarkov free, and you don’t want to spend money on a not free-to-play game, then we’d instead recommend you look into Valorant. It has a massive fan base and is completely free to download and play.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Is Escape from Tarkov Free?

Unfortunately, Escape from Tarkov is not free to play. Moreover, there are no published plans to release an Escape from Tarkov free edition. If you want to play this game, you will need to pay for it. The price starts at $44.99 at the moment, yet there are four different editions to choose from.

Will Escape from Tarkov Every be Free?

It is very unlikely that the game’s developers would ever release a free to play version of Escape from Tarkov. This is because it would really alienate those who have already paid for the game and helped fund its release. Far into the future, if their operating model changes, they may release a free to play version of Escape from Tarkov. However, that is only speculation and would be many years in the future if true.

How Can I Start Playing Escape from Tarkov Today?

You can purchase and download the game directly from the game’s publisher: Battlestate Games. This is the fastest way to join the fight in one of this year’s hottest games.

What is the Most Expensive Version of Escape from Tarkov?

The most expensive and fully featured version is the Escape from Darkness Edition. It comes with lots of in-game resources, unlimited access to all updates, and other great features.

Has Escape from Tarkov Been Released?

The game Escape from Tarkov is still only in beta. This means that it is very nearly complete. The developers are just experimenting with new features, tweaking the game, and improving it before it officially launches.

Are there Any Other Alternatives to Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is a great game, but it has a high price and is not currently offering any free way to download or play it. If you want a similar experience but from a different game, you should check out our list of the best extraction shooter games like Escape from Tarkov. We’re sure you will find some great choices on that curated list.

Is Escape from Tarkov Free? Which Version Should You Get? (2024)


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