Junk King Dumpster Bag® Your Solution to Junk Removal. Learn more about our Hauling Services (2024)

You can purchase a JK Dumpster Bag® online by clicking here. Once you complete your purchase, you can expect delivery of your JK Dumpster Bag within 4 working days!


You can fit just about anything in the JK Dumpster Bag!

The JK Dumpster Bag is TOUGH! Everything from household materials to yard waste and mixed materials can be loaded up! Take advantage of the 3 cubic yards and fill it all the way to the top. To avoid addtional fees, the white straps must touch at time of pick up.

Household Materials Load the bag up! Take advantage of the 3 cubic yards and fill it up. White straps MUST touch.

Yard Waste Can be filled to the top, all the way around. White straps MUST touch. This is for leaves, branches, brush, etc. Do not put dirt, sod or heavy, dense material in the Bag.

Mixed Material Can be filled to the top. White straps MUST touch. Weight limit of 3,000 lbs. when mixing household and other material.

Construction Debris White straps MUST touch. Weight limit of 3,000 lbs. Some construction debris may be considered "heavy material", including, concrete , tiles, roof shingles, stucco, and may be subject to additional fees.

* DO NOT FILL with Hazardous Waste Do not fill the bag with any hazardous waste items, such as paint, motor oil, asbestos, fluorescent bulbs, medical waste, etc.

* If filling guidelines are not followed you may be subject to additional fees


If the bag placement requires us to drive on the customer's driveway or lawn to pick up, Junk King is not responsible for any damage done to the lawn or driveway.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Junk King customer service at 1-888-888-JUNK(5865) or visit junk-king.com

Are there any extra charges for JK Dumpster Bags®?

A full bag will have material only up to the tops of the sidewalls. If it is overfilled there will be an extra charge added. To avoid this, be sure that the white straps are still able to meet each other across the bag.

Junk King Dumpster Bag® Your Solution to Junk Removal. Learn more about our Hauling Services (2024)


What does haul away junk mean? ›

Simply put, junk removal services haul away your junk. Junk haulers will get rid of your bulky bags of clothes, old appliances, trash and other debris. If you have junk to get rid of and you don't have a way to transport it, or you just don't have the time to handle it, call a junk removal service.

What can I put in a dumpster bag? ›

Just about any household trash, junk, or debris as well as remodeling or renovation debris including bathtubs, old doors, windows, sinks, toilet bowls, and cabinets.

What is the second largest junk removal recycling company in North America? ›

Today Junk King is the 2nd largest and fastest growing junk removal service in North America.

How do junk collectors make money? ›

It's great to get paid for junk removal, but to be profitable, make sure your prices cover labor, materials, and overhead. You can do that by creating a pricing strategy for your waste removal business: Decide whether you'll charge customers by time, weight, or truck volume based on cubic yard.

How much do you tip 1800 got junk? ›

Should I tip the junk removal team? Tips are by no means expected or obligatory when using our service. However, we know our teams greatly appreciate them! If you feel like they did a great job, feel free to tip as you see fit.

How much does Bagster haul away cost? ›

The Catch: The Bagster costs $30 for the bag itself which is a one time use. The pickup charges then average $180. The booking fee is $8 and any other fees that will be included (there are).

What is not allowed in Bagster? ›

Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to, anything toxic or hazardous, paint, oil, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs or ballasts, appliances, electronics, food waste, railroad ties, tires, medical waste, pesticides, chemicals and, in some areas, yard waste.

Are bagsters worth it? ›

This is about the same capacity as half of a 10-yard dumpster. The Bagster's purchase price is seemingly low, typically around 30 dollars. However, once you calculate the total cost including pickup and scheduling fees, the dumpster bag is overpriced compared to a typical dumpster rental.

Who has the best recycling program in the US? ›

The study ranked each state according to its recycling rate for CCPMs in 2018, with the 10 states with the best recycling rates comprising: Maine (72%); Vermont (62%); Massachusetts (55%); Oregon (55%); Connecticut (52%); New York (51%); Minnesota (49%); Michigan (48%); New Jersey (46%); and Iowa (44%).

Who is the best at recycling? ›

Germany has the highest recycling rate in the world. The nation recycles an impressive 66.1% of its waste.

Which recycling is most profitable? ›

Scrap Metal. The final and most profitable material on our “best items to recycle for money” list is scrap metal.

Can I put rocks in a Bagster? ›

The Bagster dumpster bag can hold and dispose of up to 3,300 lb of debris. The Bagster can handle up to 1 cubic yard of heavy construction debris such as: dirt, brick, rock, sod, concrete, sand, asphalt, plaster, stucco, etc.

Can I put drywall in Bagster? ›

The Bagster®dumpster bag is strong enough to hold up to 3,300 lb of debris and has a capacity of 3 cubic yards or 606 gallons. You can fill it with full sheets of plywood, drywall, doors, even a bathtub.

Can a Bagster be in the driveway? ›

Your driveway must be at least 12-feet wide to accommodate the collection truck. The center of the Bagster bag must be placed on your property no further than 16 feet (two Bagster bag lengths) from any point on your driveway.

What is the meaning of junk hauling? ›

Junk haulers pick up and dispose of things that people no longer need, want, or have room for. Some of the junk items that are commonly picked up include: Category. Types of Items We Remove.

What does "haul away" mean? ›

Definitions of haul away. verb. take away by means of a vehicle. synonyms: cart away, cart off, haul off. type of: take away, take out.

What does haul away mean at Lowes? ›

Appliances purchased in a Lowe's Outlet location. Please Note: Additional charges may apply for deliveries over 75 miles from fulfillment location, weight/dimensions, additional tools, trip permits and relocation of appliance. Haul Away: Appliance haul away refers to the removal and disposal of old appliances.

What is an example of haul away? ›

The car was hauled away to the junkyard. They hauled the boat up onto the beach.


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