New Raid Siege Mode News! - HellHades - Raid: Shadow Legends (2024)

Plarium has just dropped some new Raid Siege Mode news! This new Clan Vs Clan game mode will see rivals battling for control of massive Clan Fortresses for rewards.

We’ve had a few bits of information about this new mode here and there, and as the release date of July 10th approaches, it seems Plarium is ready to ramp up the hype machine another notch.

Let’s take a look at all the new info.

How to Play Siege Mode

Plarium has now confirmed that in order to play Siege Mode, you’ll need to be at least level 45 (and in a Clan of course). As long as the Clan has one member at this level, Siege Mode will be available.

Your objectives in Siege Mode are straightforward in principle, complicated in practice. You’ll need to defend your own Clan Fortress while conquering your opponent’s.

To do so, you’ll need to use the new Siege Mode resources, buildings, and bonuses.


New Raid Siege Mode News! - HellHades - Raid: Shadow Legends (1)

There are two new resources specifically for Siege Mode: Florins and Mana Orbs. Both of these new resources can be earned by completing various actions in Siege Mode itself.

Clans will get an initial amount of these resources once Siege Mode is released to help get their Fortresses started.

Florins are used to upgrade and repair your buildings, and any Clan Member can donate these as needed.

Mana Orbs can be used to allocate Siege Bonuses (more on these later). Mana Orbs can be held on to, or donated to a shared Clan cache. The Clan Leader and Clan Deputies can then decide where to allocate the Mana Orbs, and only they will have the ability to do so. The only exception here is that Clan Member with Mana Orbs can use their personal supply to set Post conditions, which we’ll get to later.


New Raid Siege Mode News! - HellHades - Raid: Shadow Legends (2)

There are four types of buildings in your Clan Fortress: The Stronghold, Mana Shrines, Magic Towers, and Defence Towers alongside standard Posts that protect key bridges in your citadel.

Each building has three upgrade levels which increases the amount of champion teams it can garrison.


This is the beating heart of your Fortress. The Stronghold level dictates the upgrade level of all other buildings in its Fortress Layer, so you’ll need to upgrade your Stronghold level as a priority.

Additionally, the Stronghold provides bonuses to your garrisoned Champions (which can be activated with Mana Orbs). At release, Siege Mode will only have one Clan Fortress, and one Stronghold, but there are plans to add more Fortress Layers (and thus more Strongholds) over time.

Capturing a Stronghold means you will remove all associated Bonuses it was providing. A fully upgraded Stronghold can garrison 18 teams of Champions when fully levelled, so it won’t be easy to conquer, however!

That said, should you capture the enemy Clan’s Stronghold, the whole Clan will earn extra rewards when the Siege is over. The Stronghold can support the following amount of defence teams:

  • Level 1: 12 teams
  • Level 2: 16 teams
  • Level 3: 18 teams

Mana Shrine

There are two Mana Shrines in your Fortress. These Shrines provide the defending Clan additional resource rewards if successfully defended during a Siege. While they don’t provide any Siege bonuses of their own, they can receive bonuses from other buildings in the Fortress.

Attackers can also battle with defending teams as many times as they like in order to earn additional Siege Rewards. Mana Shrines can hold the following amount of defence teams:

  • Level 1: 6 teams
  • Level 2: 7 teams
  • Level 3: 9 teams

Magic Towers

Magic Towers provide bonuses to any teams defending them. What’s more, they can provide their bonuses to any building that is connected to them via a magic path. Buildings connected to a Magic Tower will have a purple path linking them to the Magic Tower on the Clan Fortress map.

Each Magic Tower must have a unique bonus active however – it’s not possible to stack multiple bonuses of the same type in all your Magic Towers.

Magic Towers can hold the following amount of defence teams:

  • Level 1: 2 teams
  • Level 2: 3 teams
  • Level 3: 4 teams

Defence Towers

Similar to Magic Towers, Defence Towers will provide a bonus to any teams you have stationed inside. You also can’t select the same bonus across multiple Defence Towers – each one must have a unique bonus active.

Defence Towers can hold the following amount of defence teams:

  • Level 1: 2 teams
  • Level 2: 3 teams
  • Level 3: 4 teams


Posts represent the choke points, bridges, and other strategically important points in your Fortress. They’re not buildings, so cannot be upgraded, and can only hold one team to defend them.

That said, they are affected by your Stronghold and Magic Tower bonuses (they still have to be connected via a magic path). Additionally, each Post has a specific condition that will affect both attacking and defending teams.

These conditions are chosen at random from a pool, and one can be selected for each Post using Mana Orbs. The Stronghold level dictates how many of these conditions you’ll be able to access.

Effects of the conditions can vary, and may be a help or hindrance to both attacking and defending teams. Post conditions are essentially the RNG element of Sieges, designed to help make sure each Siege feels like a fresh challenge. Any Clan members can set Post conditions using their own supply of Mana Orbs.


New Raid Siege Mode News! - HellHades - Raid: Shadow Legends (3)

Each building has a set of bonuses that it can activate. To activate these bonuses, your Clan will need to spend Mana Orbs. Bonuses are sorted into categories, and you can access higher-level bonus categories by upgrading the buildings they are attached to. Higher category bonuses will cost more Mana Orbs to activate, but generally have wider reaching or more powerful effects.

Note that bonuses can vary between buffing your defence teams, or debuffing attacking teams. Bonuses can also only be activated by the Clan Leader and Clan Deputies.

To deactivate bonuses, the building they originate from needs to be destroyed (Defence Towers, Magic Towers, etc). To destroy a building, you’ll need to wipe out all defending teams occupying it.

Destroyed buildings can’t be repaired until the combat phase of the Siege is over (using Florins). They can still receive bonuses from other buildings, however.

What’s Next?

That’s everything we know for now, but given the original video is only part one, we’re expecting more news soon that will dive into the details of a Siege Mode.

Keep an eye out for more Siege news and join the HH Gaming Discord to stay up to date.

Until then, check out HellHades’ take on the new Siege Mode info in the video below.

What do you think of the new Siege Mode information? Is this what you expected? Let us know in the comments!

New Raid Siege Mode News! - HellHades - Raid: Shadow Legends (2024)


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